Shiseido 131 foundation brush
The makeup artist supervised and researched and produced Tewaza for professional skin beautification, and it developed the brush. In the three effects of the quality and length of the hair and the diagonal plane, it is a foundation brush that...
$218.40 $152.10
AMORTALS three-in-one "starry sky" puff (with metal stand)
3 makeup sponges + 1 sponge holderDry and wet useDifferent designs to meet the needs of multiple anglesBrown bevel cut beauty egg: suitable for Large area makeup on foreheadMatcha color drop makeup egg: for face rolling and neck Wine red...
$148.20 $102.20
AMORTALS makeup brush set of 5
AMORTALS Eyeshadow Brush SetThis set contains 5 eye makeup brushes with a beautiful star glass box. Brush head classification: -large eyeshadow brush-medium eyeshadow brush-small eyeshadow brush- Flame brush-Detail brush-Free navy blue brush bag with magnetic flapGerman imported BASF fiber wool,...
$132.60 $91.30
Cle de Peau translucent loose powder puff (1pc)
This luxurious and soft powder puff is specially designed to be used with translucent loose powder and is perfect for creating flawless makeup. The main advantage is very Suitable for our translucent loose powder box. The puff is about 3...
$140.40 $99.10
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