Pure Smile choosy 美唇糖果磨砂膏 10g(水蜜桃果味)
Pure Smile choosy 美唇糖果磨砂膏~大粒砂糖磨砂膏+柔軟的凡士林,能徹底去除在意的沈積色素和舊角質。一周一次左右,通過護理,可以打造理想的豐潤嘴唇♪使用砂糖磨砂膏適合去除老化角質。配合容易延展的柔軟凡士林,在去除紋理後也會覆蓋嘴唇,保持滋潤。“桃子”“蜂蜜”兩種香味,可以輕松地護理心情!護唇成分柔軟成分:凡士林濕潤成分:荷荷巴油產品類型水蜜桃果味蜂蜜醇香味使用方法1 取適量塗抹於整個唇部2 用手指輕輕按摩3 用幹凈的濕毛巾/濕巾擦幹凈
$67.90 $59.50
DHC lip balm 1.5g
DHC Lip Cream conditioning lip balm provides long-lasting moisture to lips. Blended with skin-softening plant ingredients, it smoothly spreads and instantly moisturizes lips, leaving them feeling cared, soft and hydrated-never rough or chapped. Perfect as a primer for your favorite...
$101.40 $71.00
Elizabeth Arden The Healers Lip Stick SPF15 3.7g
A super protective and portable lip stick is rich in super emollients, which can relieve chapped, irritated and cracked lips. Use SPF 15 sunscreen and antioxidant vitamin E to prevent the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. How to use: Apply...
$117.00 $84.20
Sebamed Baby Lip Balm 4.8g
-Mild, natural lipid complex provides daily protection-Rich plant lipids keep babies' lips soft and healthy, protect them-They will not become dry and chapped-Natural jojoba oil, with skin-related lipid components, and Sheabutter-It has rich unsaturated fatty acids to make dry and...
$132.60 $91.30
Blistex Lip Medex Lip Balm Small Blue Jar 7g Moisturizing Lip Wrinkles (2pcs)
The formula of Blistex Lip Medex is designed to provide quick cooling relief that you can feel at work.
$78.00 $53.80
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask 20g
Use lip sleeping mask to create smooth, soft lipslip sleeping mask""at The Lips' new sleeping mask removes old skin cells from lips and makes them become Soft and smooth. "Are your lips too chapped for A LIP Balm to handle?"...
$135.00 $97.50
Shiseido Moilip Medicinal Vitamin E B6 Lip Balm 8g
Shiseido’s Moilop N provides 5 vitamins and compounds necessary to maintain healthy lips: •Allantoin helps to accelerate the repair of skin cells•Glycyrrhetinic acid relieves skin inflammation•Vitamin E improves skin blood flow•Vitamin B6 and panthenol are essential for overall health Your...
$109.20 $77.20
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