Estée Lauder - 升級再生基因修護賦活眼霜 (15毫升)
  詳細介紹 商品特點: ★ 明亮眼周:日夜修護,修復日間紫外線、藍光等造成的傷害,從肌底改善累積的損傷,三星期內減褪黑眼圈*。 ★ 持久保濕:玻尿酸的強效保濕力量,24小時*讓眼周持久保濕水潤。 ★ 抗氧化:多重抗污染防禦技術,8小時抗氧化*,配合獨具基因排毒淨化協調技術 (ChronoluxCB™ Technology) ,有助促進肌膚自我修復力,打造更年輕、活力充沛的眼眸。成分及其功效: ★ 透明質酸鈉:保濕滋潤 ★ 10倍精萃修護技術:修復眼紋、浮腫、缺水使用方法: ★ 輕柔塗於雙眼四周肌膚,以打圈方式按摩眼周。 ★ 重複3次,最後以無名指輕輕拍打幫助吸收。適合膚質: ★ 所有皮膚 包裝規格 15毫升 產地 N/A 商品簡介 10倍精萃修護技術*,修護眼眸抗藍光!採用獨家專利ChronoluxCB™基因排毒淨化協調技術*,糅合多重抗污染防禦技術,24小時保濕、8小時抗氧化*,為眼部肌膚解決細紋、皺紋、眼睛浮腫及黑眼圈等問題!*資料來源自Estée Lauder (雅詩蘭黛)官方網站。
$599.50 $379.50
資生堂 SHISEIDO 水凝亮澤眼霜 15ml/0.5oz
高效眼霜,采用細胞感應重啟技術ReNeura Technology™,配合金屬冰感按摩儀按摩眼周,顯著淡化黑眼圈、幼紋、浮腫及暗啞,為眼周肌膚重新註入力量,煥發水凝動人神采。經皮膚科醫生和眼科醫生測試
$468.90 $348.90
AHC-The Eighth Generation Time Rewind Eye Cream 30ml
Detailed introduction AHC eye cream is the latest "eight generation eye cream" from the first generation to the seventh generation. The generation is better than the generation, and it is a very cost-effective eye cream. Forehead lines, neck lines, and...
$168.00 $58.00
FANCL Brightening Eye Cream / Refining Eye Cream RESTEYE GEL 8g (Purple)
Fancl Brightening and Firming Eye Cream RESTEYE GEL 8g (Purple) Rescue gel dark circles and puffiness. A cooling and rejuvenating eye treatment. Activates plants to provide moisture and help reduce dark circles and dark lines. Coix seed extract can relieve...
$198.00 $124.00
The Ordinary-Caffeine Eye Serum 30ml
Detailed introduction Canada🇨🇦The Ordinary Caffeine Eye Serum (30ml) The Ordinary Caffeine Eye Essence🗣The legendary small iron on the eyes can quickly remove edema and dark circles in seconds. Caffeine" used in eye essence 🧐 can alleviate the poor metabolism of...
$138.00 $78.00
AHC Youth Lasting Eye Cream 30ml x 2pcs
Skin-lightening, anti-wrinkle, dual-function cosmetics[IDEAL FOR]Lifting and moisturizingNourishing and hydrating skinAll skin types[Ingredients/Information] Contains A variety of peptides, tightens, soothes and moisturizes the skinContains human-like collagen and human-like elastin, with powerful anti-aging effects [Features]Add elasticity and firmness to make the skin...
$163.80 $117.00
Japan AVANCE Eyelash Growth Liquid 7ml
Av loop EyeLash Renewal Re-Growth Serum EX enhances the regenerative ability of eyelashes. It can reduce hair loss and increase hair volume. When it is applied to the roots of the hair, the blood circulation will be strengthened, thus regenerating...
$187.20 $131.80
Cosme Decorte Moisturizing Liposome Eye Cream 15ml
COSME DECORTE is a top luxury brand under the popular Japanese brand Kose. Moisture Liposome Eye Cream solves typical eye problems, including fine lines, dark circles, dullness and sagging. Enhance the moisturizing power of the skin and restore the charm...
$444.60 $313.60
Lancome Lancome Big Eye Essence Muscle Foundation Lightens Dark Circles Eyes Small Black Bottle Eye Essence 20ml
LANCÔME Advanced Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator Youth Activating Concentrate has the following features: The new advanced eye brightening formula instantly makes the skin around your eye contour look firmer and more rested. Using the Light Pearl Massage Applicator design,...
$592.80 $413.40
Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Revitalizing Eye Cream 15ml [New Packaging]
Which skin type is it suitable for? NormalOilyCombinationDrySensitiveWhat is it:A fresh and light eye gel cream that can improve dark circles, moisturize and smooth the eye area. Solutions to the following problems:-Dark circles-Drying-Fine lines and wrinklesIf you want Learn more...With...
$592.80 $413.40
Laneige Perfect Renew Eye Cream 20ml
Perfect Renew Eye CreamA deep moisturizing eye cream that repairs damage and moisturizes the fragile eye area. 1. Moisturize and smooth eyes2. Protect delicate eyes3. Anti-wrinkle functional eye cream-Advanced neramide water Strengthens the eye skin barrier, which is prone to...
$366.60 $254.30
Japan Meise Whitening Placenta Eye Cream for Women to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, fat particles, anti-wrinkle and firming 30g
Product Description of medicated moisturizing eye cream containing placenta extract, collagen, coix seed extract, glycerin and other ingredients. It provides you with whitening (anti-dark circles) and anti-aging effects, against dryness, dullness and fatigue caused by poor blood circulation. A medicinal...
$117.00 $84.20
Sulwhasoo Essence Eye Cream Ex 25ml
Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX (25ml) Nano particles care for the eye skin and significantly soften the eye skin. The unique formula technology of Essence and other nanoparticles gives your eye skin a light and comfortable feeling. An anti-aging...
$585.00 $407.90
Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream 28g
How to apply: -Use your fingertips to gently apply eye moisturizer along the orbital bones without pulling the skin.Kiehl's Insider Tip: Lightly Pat the eye area gently , Until you feel the moisture release quickly. Our most popular eye cream,...
$452.40 $315.90
Coreana Seduire Magic Ampoule Eye Cream 30ml
Coreana Seduire Magic Ampoule Eye & Face Cream effectively lifts the eyes, tightens the eye area, removes edema, and wipes dark circles like an eraser. The effect is as high as 63.23%. Just like Botox injection, the effect of wrinkle...
$163.80 $114.70
FANCL Brightening and Firming Eye Cream 8g
A refreshing and energetic eye care. Rejuvenating plants provide moisture and help reduce dark circles and fine lines. -Coix seed extract relieves edema. -Citrulline normalizes blood flow and helps remove toxins from blood vessels. -Aloe extract supplements nutrients for skin...
$218.40 $152.90
Unichi Deep Sea Forty Fathoms Miraculous Repairing Eye Cream
Keep the skin around the eyes soft, soft and moisturized. What you need to know: Delay the signs of premature aging-Improve elasticity and firmness-Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Reduce dark circles-Resist free radicals that can damage the skin-Organic, suitable for...
$218.40 $152.90
Kiehl's Midnight Repair Eye Cream 15ml
Eye care to restore youthful eyes in the morning-Enhancing and replenishing the skin of the eye-Reduce fine lines-Reduce puffiness and dark circles-Infused with the same natural ingredients as Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Butcher's brooms, which can improve microcirculation and reduce...
$358.80 $248.80
Clarins Firming Eyes 15ml
Extra tightening of the eyes: Put the spring back into your skin. Launch of the new Extra-Firming series-an innovation of Clarins Laboratories-thanks to kangaroo flower extract, the firmness can be restarted from the source. Your skin regains its youthful vitality...
$436.80 $304.20
Clarins Brighten Eyes 15ml
Introducing the new Clarins Total Enhance Eye Serum-an excellent eye care serum that can help you get a full radiance in 60 seconds! Specially developed for all women and all ages, it can combat puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles...
$592.80 $413.40
Eaoron Contour Eye Serum 30ml
It is specifically designed to help reduce dry lines and eliminate puffiness, while moisturizing sensitive skin and plumping tired eyes, restoring a brighter and more vibrant appearance with natural concentrated extracts. -Reduce eye wrinkles-Lift and tighten-Remove dark circlesHow to use:Use...
$288.60 $202.80
Eaoron Propolis Eye Cream 30g
Specially formulated plant extracts and peptides can work around the eyes to help reduce the effects of fine lines and dry lines, improve elasticity and firmness, and rejuvenate the skin. -Smooth eyeliner-Improve eye contour-Shape eyesHow to use:Take a small amount...
$171.60 $118.60
eaoron youth eye cream moisturizing and hydrating 15g
This beautiful and rich moisturizing eye cream is designed to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. It also contains vitamin B3, which can help reduce fine lines. -Replenishing water-Reduce eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness-Multiple lifting effects, reduce obvious signs of...
$156.00 $111.50
Fresh Black Tea Firming Eye Serum 15ml
A liquid eye gel that provides a corset-like effect for the delicate eye area, making the appearance more compact, lifting uses fresh black tea complex and eye peptides, this brightening gel The treatment will reshape your perception of eye care-signs...
$624.00 $437.60
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