Delivery and return policy

Delivery processing time:

For the time being, our company provides two online order delivery services:
1. Pickup at the store: pick up the ordered goods at the store with the phone number.
2. Shunfeng Express: Express to the customer's designated location. Our company and Shunfeng Express are partners, all goods will be delivered by Shunfeng Express, and all Shunfeng Express pick-up points can pick up the goods.

Freight calculation (SF Express)

First 1kg $30
Total weight 2kg $42
Total weight 3kg $54
Total weight 4kg $66
Total weight 5kg $78
Total weight 6kg $90
Total weight 7kg $102

*If more than 7kg, the company will arrange company car delivery

*Note: If each package is less than 1kg, it will be calculated as 1kg.
*All milk powder and any health products are calculated at the above express price (the weight of the bag or box has been included)

Shipping confirmation and order tracking

The order number of the day will be uniformly available after 6 pm and the order number can be found online

Damage compensation and return policy

If the customer finds that the product is damaged or damaged after receiving the goods, they can call our customer service hotline to confirm the situation within two days after receiving the goods. We will deal with it as soon as we receive it. If it is found that the product is damaged due to delivery or shipment, our company will generally return the product.

Return, Exchange and Refund Policy

Chinese version (Last update date: 01/09/2021)

「7-day exchange and return service」

【Thaihao Batch】Provide you with "7-day exchange and return service".

  • Products that do not match the order (including but not limited to product specifications, styles, quantities, etc.);
  • The product has defects (including but not limited to quality defects, damage during shipping, etc.);
  • The product does not match the product page description (including but not limited to product use, product function, etc.)

Each order can only be returned/exchanged once. Please make sure that the product does not belong to the items in the list of No Returned Goods, and keep the complete product, tag (if applicable) and packaging box/paper, if If there is any defect, damage or loss, no return will be accepted. Goods that have been confirmed to have quality problems will be returned and exchanged within 7 days from the date of receipt. After the application is approved, we will refund you.

Items not subject to return

In addition, based on relevant terms and hygiene reasons, the return policy does not apply to the following products.


  • Products marked as "No Return" in the product description page
  • groceries, beverages and food that are perishable and have a short shelf life;
  • Accessories, swimsuits, socks, underwear and personal items and clothing;
  • Customized merchandise;
  • Products that have been used or opened;
  • Damage caused by improper use of the product (including but not limited to overheating, man-made damage, etc.);
  • Non【泰好批】Goods for sale

If we receive goods that are not returned or exchanged, we will send the goods back to the delivery address in the order(Shipping costs will be borne by you), No Set up a refund or exchange. The product list will be updated from time to time. For details, please refer to the return/exchange instructions on the product description page.

There are no refunds or exchanges for all gifts. Certain special discounts or promotional activities must be returned as a whole, and partial returns and refund applications will not be accepted.
Returns have not reached the threshold for full discounts and full gifts at the time, and discounts and gifts need to be recovered and returned. Combination of discounted merchandise, if the number of promotional items is not reached after the return, the reserved merchandise will be restored to the original price.

Order was cancelled by the merchant
If your order is cancelled due to the merchant’s shortage of stock or other reasons, the relevant order payment will be refunded to your credit card within two weeks Account. If your canceled product is one of the products in the preferential combination, the price of the products in the combination will not increase or decrease as a result.

Return and exchange service process

  1. Please email, we will contact you within 2 working days.
  2. Please provide your order details in the email: your name, order number, product question (if any) and related photos. Please make sure that all information is correct.

iii. Provide clear pictures about the product

We will arrange a return or refund after confirmation. If our warehouse has not received your return, [Taihaoban] reserves the right to refuse a refund. In addition, if the item you want to replace is not in stock, we will process it as a refund. You will receive an email notification after the return/exchange process is completed.

In case of any dispute, the decision of 【Taihao Batch】 shall be final.