Cosme Decorte Avocado Lotion 300ml

$546.00 $384.50
Cosme Decorte Prime Latte Essential Softening Milk

It is a softening lotion composed of avocado with very high nutritional value and four natural vegetable oils selected from other fruits and plants.

Just add the usual toner before use, the moisturizing effect is lasting.

Improve the skin's resistance to the outside world and prevent the muscles from being rough and dry.

You can also use Xiahao to use a more saturated lotion.

How to use:

After cleansing, apply with a cotton pad. The lotion system uses the same method.

If it is used with other brands of lotion, it means first lotion and then moisturizing .


Made in Japan
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Cosme Decorte Avocado Lotion 300ml
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