Fancl Gentle Cleansing Gel 120g

$218.40 $152.10
FANCL Gentle Makeup Remover Gel will help you clean your pores and even remove makeup that is difficult to remove. It is a natural remedy based on organic ingredients that can clean, repair and heal the skin, improve the skin complexion, and make it softer and more elastic. The gel moisturizes the skin, normalizes the water-fat balance, and prevents excessive sebum secretion. The gel also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Reduce redness and swelling, heal acne and acne scars, and stimulate the wound healing process. Regular use of cleansing gel helps to even out skin tone, improve skin condition, and protect skin from external stimuli and ultraviolet rays.

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Fancl Gentle Cleansing Gel 120g
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