Rosette Japan cleansing foam/cream 120g pink

$85.80 $58.50
Rosette Cleansing Paste (White Clay Lift) contains fine-grained white clay powder, cleans with a very comfortable pipe without drying the face. The skin remains plump and silky smooth.

White clay provides a gentle cleaning effect. It absorbs sebum and removes dead skin cells and impurities, causing dull skin tone and promoting turnover.

The combination of hyaluronic acid and marine collagen makes the skin moist and elastic.

It does not contain fragrances, colorants and mineral oil. It is even suitable for delicate skin.

How to use

1. Take an appropriate amount (about 1cm) on the palm of your hand.

2. Add warm water to make foam.

3. Gently massage the entire face with foam.

4. Rinse with water.
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Rosette Japan cleansing foam/cream 120g pink
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