Rosette Japan Cleansing Foam/Cream 120g-Ocean/Green x2pcs

$124.80 $86.60
Rosette Face Wash Pasta Sea Clay Smooth

Rinses the pores, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Facial cleanser made with mineral-rich sea clay and plant extracts.

The two words paste and pasta come from the same Latin root, meaning "dough" or fine powder. Our elastic elastic foam formula is made of fine sea clay powder to trap excess skin cells and impurities , And rinse it off. Leaves skin feeling moisturized and smooth like porcelain.

Flush the pores with sea mud

The sea mud is infused with the natural essence of the ancient earth and contains countless tiny dents that can capture dead skin cells and pore impurities, and then rinse them away.

Gentle and powerful smoothing

Contains the skin-gentle plant-based facial cleanser and toning rosehip extract.

Add no fragrance, coloring or mineral oil
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Rosette Japan Cleansing Foam/Cream 120g-Ocean/Green x2pcs
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