Laneige Cleansing Deep Cleansing Foam 150ml [New Packaging]

$148.20 $105.30
Multi Cleanser-4 in 1 multi-effect foaming cleanser, thoroughly cleans and revitalizes the skin

1. Make-up remover

The foaming action effectively dissolves makeup.

2. Rinse off

Sunscreen microporous beads effectively and gently remove impurities, while rinsing off sunscreen to reveal clean and fresh skin.

3. Deep cleansing

The cleanser is rich in foam, bringing a vibrant multi-effect cleansing experience, removing skin impurities and debris without taking away skin moisture.

4. Gentle exfoliation

Contains papaya enzyme, natural ingredients gently exfoliate, brighten the skin, remove dead skin, and show a more radiant and softer complexion.
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Laneige Cleansing Deep Cleansing Foam 150ml [New Packaging]
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