Laneige Reservoir Concentrating Essence Toner 200ml

$202.80 $144.30
-Let skin moist and healthy, start with skin care!

-NEW Lange moisturizing and balancing care basic series

-Highly moisturizing toner uses its water ion mineral water ingredients to effectively and quickly provide moisture to the skin, thereby finishing dry skin

-Essential Power Skin Refiner_Moisture

-Moisture -"Essential Power Skin Refiner_Moisture" is suitable for normal and dry skin -

moisturizing and soft care, suitable for dry skin with flaky dead skin cells Skin-moisturizing

type, moisturizing and softening the skin

-translucent moisturizing toner-milky white viscous texture, mildly moisturizing dry, flaky skin.

-Lanzhi water ion mineral water can effectively and quickly provide skin with moisturizing energy.

-Birch tree sap is rich in amino acids and minerals. It moisturizes and softens the skin and relieves dead skin cells by providing moisture and nutrients.
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Laneige Reservoir Concentrating Essence Toner 200ml
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