Bedma Sebium H2O 500ml

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Biological action mode Sébium H2O is the first special makeup remover micellar water for combination or oily skin. It mimics the natural ingredients of the skin to achieve perfect makeup removal and fully respect even the most sensitive skin.

Thanks to the FluidactivTM patented sebum repair complex, it can biologically adjust the quality of sebum, prevent clogged pores and clean the skin.

Rich in purifying agents, zinc gluconate and copper sulfate, Sébium H2O purifies the skin and limits sebum secretion.

Instructions for use

Morning and/or evening-7 days a week

Soak cotton pads with Sébium H2O.

Gently clean and/or remove makeup from the face.

Reapply until the cotton pad becomes clean.

Gently wipe your face with a clean cotton towel.
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Bedma Sebium H2O 500ml
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