Bifesta Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 145ml x 2pcs

$171.60 $122.50

-Protect your eyelashes by removing them completely without pulling.

-Emolliency layer-removal of waterproof cosmetics (containing vitamin E)

-water-based-coating oil and sebum (containing vitamin B)

How to use

- Shake well before use.

-Pour an appropriate amount of makeup remover (about the size of a $5 coin) on a cotton pad, and then leave it on the eyelids for a few seconds until the makeup dissolves (can be used on the lips).

-Please remove contact lenses before use.

-If you prefer a refreshing feeling, you can rinse with water, but you don't need to use facial cleanser to avoid washing off the moisturizing factor.
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Bifesta Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 145ml x 2pcs
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