Kiehl’s Brightening and Whitening Spot Essence 50ml

$702.00 $490.60
A serum that reduces the appearance of dark spots.

The formula of high-efficiency dark spot corrector can have a significant effect on a wide range of dark spots.

This clear and correcting formula significantly reduces the number and intensity of dark spots and discoloration.

This formula contains the latest generation of powerful purifying complex of active C, birch tree and peony extract, which can penetrate the skin surface to help correct the appearance of dark spots and unify the skin tone.

With continuous use every day, the skin will be visibly brighter, more even, radiant, and the transparency has also been significantly improved.

The dermatologist tested the safety and mildness. Test on all skin types, including sensitive.
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Kiehl’s Brightening and Whitening Spot Essence 50ml
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