Laneige Reservoir Moisturizing Essence 70ml [New Packaging]

$241.80 $170.00
*Non-drying moisturizing formula

*Green mineral water selected from Brussels sprouts, artichokes and lima beans makes the skin look clear and moisturized, with barrier recovery, anti-oxidation and water zipper effects.

NEW Water Bank moisturizing essence

1. Green mineral water

Green mineral water selected from vegetables helps repair the skin barrier.

2. Water bomb, water splash

When applied to the skin, the water splashes out moisture to provide non-drying moisture.

3. Meticulously lock in water, water zipper effect

The water zipper on the skin prevents moisture from evaporating.

Using the

method, after using toner or lotion, take 2-3 pumps and apply to cheeks, forehead and chin. Apply through the following channels.
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Laneige Reservoir Moisturizing Essence 70ml [New Packaging]
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