ROHTO MELANO CC Intensive Anti-spot Essence 20ml (2pcs)

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Rohto Melano CC medicinal stain intensive measures Essence Melano CC Intensive Anti Spot Essence is a Japanese beauty essence that can treat hyperpigmentation and acne

The essence contains active vitamin C and vitamins E derivatives can dilute and prevent dark spots and acne marks. It also contains dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and thymol, which can reduce redness and irritation, while killing acne-causing bacteria to prevent acne.

Added moisturizing factor and 2 kinds of anti-inflammatory ingredients, the product has a good effect of preventing spots and acne, moisturizing and whitening the skin.


•Vitamins C and E act directly on the skin, inhibit the production of melanin, dark spots and spots can also prevent and whiten acne scars and freckles.

•Reduce redness and skin irritation.

•Prevent skin spots and

•Keep the skin moisturized.

How to use

•After conditioning the skin or cleansing the face with lotion, take an appropriate amount on the palm and gently apply to the specific area or the whole face.

•Duration: 5-6 months, use 4-5 drops a day.
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ROHTO MELANO CC Intensive Anti-spot Essence 20ml (2pcs)
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