Tsubu Night Pack Exfoliating Cream 30g

$218.40 $152.90
The Milia and Wart Removal Series helps to dry warts, skin tags and oil seeds for easy removal.

The night oil protects the skin all night without irritating the skin.

Eye bags can magnify the skin repair effect, and the night cream can easily peel off when dry.

Night cream repairs and moisturizes the skin.

Used to remove MILIA, oily swelling, skin tags and warts from the skin around the eyes at night

Contains 10 plant extracts that can help anti-inflammatory and repair

Use high quality Medical grade ingredients to remove oily swelling and unwanted warts

Beware of black bumps caused by ultraviolet rays

How to use:

Wash your face before going to bed and dry it with a towel

(Ensure that the clods, skin tags and warts area are clean and dry)

Squeeze a small amount of cream on the desired area

(Ensure complete coverage)

Wait for the package to dry After that, gently tear off
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Tsubu Night Pack Exfoliating Cream 30g
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