Lion Pair Acne Repellent Cream Foam Cleansing Foam 80g

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Cream foam (80g) comes from LION pair acne, it is a surface cream foam specially designed for acne. It is a medicinal facial cleanser that can gently wash away acne skin problems.

Products "must buy" when traveling to Japan

Medical design formula with low irritation. It can penetrate into the skin, reduce oil secretion, relieve acne in the pores, and prevent acne in the future. With anti-inflammatory ingredients, it can remove dirt and excess oil throughout the day, keeping the skin healthy. This product contains plant mixtures such as soybean extract and vitamin C.

Use a delicate foam to gently cleanse the skin without making the skin stiff. The skin feels elastic, hydrated and bright.

Product features:

Deep cleansing: Thoroughly eliminate inflammation and clean oily skin, remove excess oil, and visibly tighten pores. The texture of the cream forms a soft and rich foam, which is easy to rinse off.

Helps maintain skin moisture, makes the skin elastic and moisturized

Visible tightening of pores: Treats acne skin and helps tighten visible pores.

Light, refreshing and healing plant scent.

How to use

Wet face with warm water.

Lather on the palm of your hand, and then massage your face with the foam to cleanse.

Rinse thoroughly.
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Lion Pair Acne Repellent Cream Foam Cleansing Foam 80g
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