LION Pair Acne Cream Cleansing Foam 80g & PAIR Acne Cream W 14g

$179.40 $127.10
Lion PAIR Acne Cream W (14g)

Japan Lion PAIR Acne Cream W is a highly effective treatment through the comprehensive effect of anti-inflammatory.


•Contains anti-acne formula, which can effectively treat acne and help prevent new acne acne

•The cream becomes transparent in the affected area, Apply a thin layer to the area.

•(囙This) You can use it safely during the day when you go out or put on makeup, without any IT use.

•A popular facial cream to treat acne from the root.

•Specially designed for adults, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on acne and acne.

Product features:

•Anti-inflammatory: When the skin develops acne, it quickly spreads skin tension and inflammation.

•Antibacterial: Inhibit and control the production of bacteria in the pores.

•Repair: Heals acne from the root cause and promotes recovery.

•Mild in nature: its pH value is close to that of the skin.

•Light texture: The cream is light in texture and becomes transparent when applied thinly on the affected area.
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LION Pair Acne Cream Cleansing Foam 80g & PAIR Acne Cream W 14g
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