THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Oil 20ml

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Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is famous for its powerful purifying properties. We hand-picked and steam distilled our community trade organic tea leaves within 12 hours forever, so we can bottle the purest oil. Our tea tree series has been tried, tested and proven to provide clearer skin.


Using fingertips or cotton swabs, apply tea tree oil directly to the areas that need attention, no more than 3 times a day.


Community trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya-an ingredient known for its antibacterial properties, an infusion solution that is very suitable for blemished skin

from Mala Tamanu oil from Jiaxi-traditionally used to promote healthy skin and has excellent skin moisturizing properties

Lemon tea tree from Kenya-antibacterial, giving the product a rich fragrance
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THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Oil 20ml
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