Champlain Ginseng Berry Eye Mask 1 pack/ 1.4gx 60pcs

$156.00 $111.50
The whole face can be used! This eye mask is infused with ginseng berry extract to enhance the elasticity around the eyes and provide nutrition to your skin. It can maintain skin elasticity and restore youth without irritation!

-Suitable for all skin types

-Suitable for mature skin

Recommended usage:

Use a spatula to lift two pieces at the OUT, and then place them below They are placed directly on the eyes, as seen on the eyelids at The JAR ON for 20+ minutes-longer by Will Stay at The watergel Material Moist Within. Mask products. Then discard the mask and pat the remaining essence with your fingertips. Follow up and finish the eye cream.
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Champlain Ginseng Berry Eye Mask 1 pack/ 1.4gx 60pcs
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