Rearar Dia Force golden hydrogel eye mask (60 pieces/30 pairs) [new packaging]

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Gold and diamonds are known as symbols of eternal beauty, promote metabolism and revitalize skin tissues. Using patented polymer manufacturing technology, the 100% water-soluble gel patch contains minerals and nutrient essence from collagen, which quickly penetrates into the skin. Fresh skin from seaweed, aloe vera leaves, green tea and roses provide nutrition, moisture and elasticity, leaving beautiful skin. The environmentally friendly hydrogel patch melts on the skin with skin temperature, and the highly polymerized essence will be effectively released on the skin, becoming thinner with the passage of time.

The queen of the Mughal dynasty, the legendary beauty of ancient India, uses a unique beauty treatment mixed with diamond powder and plant extracts to maintain her beauty. In fact, Diamond has been known for its elasticity, brightening skin and removing harmful waste for hundreds of years. It contains seaweed extract, green tea extract, aloe vera extract, rose water, and collagen to provide nutrition, moisturizing and elasticity around your eyes. The eyes are beautiful and young.

DIAFORCE Hydro-Gel eye mask is made of new polymer technology. All ingredients are concentrated in nutrients, so it is not only water-soluble, but also environmentally friendly. Absorb the rich essence into the skin, and the eye mask itself will gradually become thinner.


Contains gold molecules to promote blood circulation


Hydrility, whitening, brightening, moisturizing and elasticity

, provide nutrition to the skin

and antioxidant effect, activate cells, improve tired and dull skin around the eyes

How to use:

Apply on the eye mask before Basic care of facial skin. The hygienic spoon must be used for facial eye masks. After 20-30 minutes, gently apply to the eye area. After removing the mask, pat the remaining essence until it is completely absorbed.
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Rearar Dia Force golden hydrogel eye mask (60 pieces/30 pairs) [new packaging]
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