Kao MegRhythm hot steam hot compress (5pcs)

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Long-lasting and comfortable heat can effectively relieve muscle/stomach pain and help relieve/relax menstrual pain. Put on your panties and go, tasteless cushions. The soft mesh material is friendly to women's skin.

-Full steam: steam produced by comfortable heat (40°C). Help relax/relieve menstrual pain, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle/stomach pain.

-Soft mesh: thin, seamless from the outside! The soft mesh sheets are gentle on women's skin.

-Lasting warming effect: Comfortable heat (40.c) will last for 5-8 hours to relieve the discomfort of the affected area.

Benefits and effects: thermal effect

1. Improve blood circulation.

2. Start gastrointestinal function

3. Relieve pain caused by neuralgia and muscle aches.

Characteristics of bed sheet

The best design for women's abdomen and waist

●Suitable for the inner side of underwear.

●The soft mesh, gentle care for delicate skin.

●Thin paper cannot be seen from the outside.

●Proprietary fluffy texture processing.

How to use

Always apply on the underwear. Do not apply to the skin.

Tear off the strip of paper and stick it to the inside of the underwear.

●The use of close-fitting high-waist underwear can cover the entire bed sheet.

●Do not stick on delicate fabrics (such as silk and lace) to avoid damage by adhesives.

●Depending on the underwear fabric (nylon, polyurethane, lace, etc.), the sheets may not be firmly attached.

●When moving the underwear up and down (such as in the bathroom), please be careful not to let the sheets fall off.

Please read the instructions on the individual packaging carefully before use.
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Kao MegRhythm hot steam hot compress (5pcs)
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