elixir sunscreen isolation small golden tube 35ml

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This day beauty and whitening serum protects the skin from UV rays and keeps the skin white. Apply body lotion in the morning and use it for all-day skin care. It can be used as a creamy beauty lotion, sunscreen and makeup base. It also contains whitening ingredient m-tranexamic acid, which makes the skin look firm and bright after sun exposure.

exudes a relaxing fragrance of water plants and flowers.

How to use:

-After washing your face and using lotion in the morning, take a one-cent amount on the palm and apply it to the whole face.

-Also pay attention to areas directly exposed to the sun, such as cheeks and nose.

-When used according to the instructions, it can be supplied for about 2 months.
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elixir sunscreen isolation small golden tube 35ml
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