Fancl sunscreen 50+ sunscreen SPF50+ 60ml

$351.00 $246.50
Fancl Sunguard 50+ Protect UV SPF50+, using nanotechnology pure physical sunscreen, provides high-density, high-reflective "double sunscreen", completely blocking UVA and UVB;

moisturizing, anti-oxidation, including Centella asiatica The extract instantly repairs skin damaged by ultraviolet rays, effectively preventing pigmentation, suntan, and anti-photoaging;

Not easily affected by sweat and oil, suitable for daily travel or outdoor activities;

No Contains preservatives, light texture, eye skin, acne skin can also be used with peace of mind;

Ingredients: UV reflectors (excluding UV absorbers), Centella asiatica extract, Boss tea extract, moisturizing amine Base acid;

How to use:

Before going out or putting on makeup every day, take an appropriate amount and apply it on the face (can be used around the eyes) and other parts of the body.
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Fancl sunscreen 50+ sunscreen SPF50+ 60ml
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