Cle de Peau sunscreen SPF50+ 50ml

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Especially for the advanced protection of the face, it contains anti-pollution ingredients that can resist ultraviolet rays and dryness, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

Main advantages

The sunscreen that enhances the anti-aging care effect is now integrated with the beauty effect of skin care, far more than resisting ultraviolet rays and pollution.

contains anti-pollution ingredients that help counteract the effects of pollution and accelerate obvious signs of aging.

Contains scutellaria baicalensis extract, ginkgo biloba extract, vitamin C and E derivatives, and wild thyme extract to prevent oxidation and sun exposure. *

Mangosteen extract and hibiscus flower extract help to give vitality to the skin.

Asian ginseng extract helps to create healthy, youthful skin, which usually implies that the skin is soft and elastic.

Scutellaria baicalensis extract helps provide anti-oxidant effects to the skin. *

Contains lustrous oil formula, which can visibly glow and smooth the skin.

Hyaluronic acid provides moisturizing effect.

Contains Gambier extract and Bupleurum extract to make you look younger.

Illuminating Complex EX contains precious platinum filaments and pearl elements, which help moisturize and reshape the skin, while reducing damage caused by environmental stress.

The formula contains natural rose, rare orchid, grapefruit, essence and peach flavors.

Provides protection or beautiful makeup alone.

Smooth skin with a velvety soft feel.

Use broad-spectrum SPF 50+

Dermatologist test

*In vitro test to prevent UVA/UVB rays

How to use
Take an appropriate amount of cream on your fingertips and spread evenly on the skin. When applied to the face and neck, use it as the last step before morning skin care. Apply before base makeup.

Use makeup remover to remove, then use foam.
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Cle de Peau sunscreen SPF50+ 50ml
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