Shiseido Moilip Medicinal Vitamin E B6 Lip Balm 8g

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Shiseido’s Moilop N provides 5 vitamins and compounds necessary to maintain healthy lips:

•Allantoin helps to accelerate the repair of skin cells

•Glycyrrhetinic acid relieves skin inflammation

•Vitamin E improves skin blood flow

•Vitamin B6 and panthenol are essential for overall health Your skin

Rejuvenating and ultra-moisturizing lip care contains vitamin E And B6, can repair dry skin, immediately relieve chapped lips and peeling.

The soft formula of the cream replenishes and locks in moisture, restores the natural moisture barrier, and is soft and smooth for a long time.

For the ultimate care, apply a thick layer of cream on clean lips and leave overnight.

Size: 8g

Instructions for use: Use it frequently as needed. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
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Shiseido Moilip Medicinal Vitamin E B6 Lip Balm 8g
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