DHC lip balm 1.5g

$101.40 $71.00
DHC Lip Cream conditioning lip balm provides long-lasting moisture to lips. Blended with skin-softening plant ingredients, it smoothly spreads and instantly moisturizes lips, leaving them feeling cared, soft and hydrated-never rough or chapped. Perfect as a primer for your favorite lip color.

Can be applied under the lipstick to add gloss.

Vitamin E nourishes and fights obvious signs of aging, including vertical lines

Aloe vera soothes and olive oil neutralizes free radicals

Keep moisture and shine all day long! Before and after makeup.

There are no natural ingredients used near the sky lip mucosal structure, and the lips are continuously moisturized and feel natural fit. A thin protective film is formed to maintain moisture and gloss throughout the day.

Colorants, fragrances, no preservatives and natural ingredients.
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DHC lip balm 1.5g
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