Japan MARASIL Queen Marissa Dolphin Beauty Apparatus 262g-White

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KAXA-LIFT combines

micro-current and high-frequency sonic technology

KAXA-LIFT is an ergonomic sonic facial massager that targets the most problematic areas (including the forehead) , Eye area, eyebrows, lip line, cheeks and chin. All you need is 6 minutes a day for a more radiant and younger look.


Champagne Gold KAXA-LIFT Pearl Powder

KAXA-LIFT Glacier White

KAXA-LIFT Red【Special Edition】Two special


1. Heating

Facial enhancement.

Promote the absorption of daily anti-aging skin care products.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial muscle massage.

Promote collagen production.

Promote blood circulation.

2. Naturally

Improve skin tone.

Reduce edema and eye bags.
Reduce pore size.

Restore skin elasticity and softness.

Massage acupuncture points to release pressure.

Promote collagen production.
Promote blood circulation.

Ergonomically, they can be the most problematic place


Reduce the wrinkles on your forehead.

The eye area

Help your eyes radiate more energy immediately.


Make your cheeks plump and lifted.


Curve your chin and redefine the appearance of your chin.


Tighten the loose skin on the neck.

Micro The MARASIL KAXA-LIFT of electric current

uses micro current technology to stimulate. Micro current sends gentle waves through the skin, tissues and facial muscles. It stimulates the production of ATP, thereby promoting the production of collagen and providing you with Improve and enhance the appearance.


High-frequency sound wave pulsation helps stimulate blood circulation and promotes the absorption of your favorite daily anti-aging skin care products. Every day

Better and better skin

First use: the face and neck feel almost immediately improved

1 week: stimulate blood flow, the skin looks more luminous Rejuvenation

2 weeks: cheeks are more plumped, chin contours are more defined

4 weeks: fine lines and wrinkles become less obvious

8 weeks: promote collagen growth , The skin feels firmer

How to use

Step 1:

Apply your favorite essence, cream or moisturizer with skin care products

Step 2: Turn on

Press the center button 1 Seconds to start the device

Step 3: Select mode

Short press the center button to select mode.

Red indicator light: heating mode

Blue indicator light: natural mode

Step 4: Massage different parts of the cheek

Slide the large concave surface of the device up along the contour of the cheek

Eye area

Slide the tip of the device to the area around the eyes from the inside to the outside


The large concave side of the gliding device faces your chin, repeat upward

or the gliding device down to the large concave side of your neck for lymphatic massage


The small concave side of the Glick device is facing your forehead, and then repeat

Step 5: Shut down for a long time

Press the middle button for 1 second to turn off the device, otherwise the device is unmanned Automatic shutdown for 2 minutes under care

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Japan MARASIL Queen Marissa Dolphin Beauty Apparatus 262g-White
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