NYX Professional Makeup Toning Concealer Palette

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Treat your face with the ultimate concealer palette of six color correcting shades. It can be customized to create the ideal tone to cover imperfections, and the lightweight formula can slide to get an ultra-smooth effect, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

How to use:

1. The yellow shade is good for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins or eye circles. This color is generally suitable for all skin tones and is great for evening out skin tones and providing a bright foundation for foundations. Yellow shades are usually better to cover bruises or circle social tan dark skin.

2. The green shaded IS is suitable for neutralizing any redness. This means outbreaks, irritation, sunburn, anything that makes your face look like a lobster.

3. The purple hue is good for neutralizing any yellow undertones in the skin. It can also add luster to dull or mushy skin tones.

4. Peach-Pink shade is good for whitening the skin, around the eyes, or usually concealing fatigue. In other words, it has almost the same effect as yellow, but it works better than yellow on fair skin. This palette really suits everyone.

5. Tan is a good standard concealer color for me personally. It is blendable, has good coverage, and it works for me when I just want my face to look like a normal face instead of the monster mask I see when I wake up.

6. Tan is good for contouring! Seriously, for those who are cautious about using bronzer to modify facial contours, this is the shade for you.
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NYX Professional Makeup Toning Concealer Palette
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