Club Cosme Naked Muscle BB Cream-Lily Fragrance 30g

$132.60 $95.20
Item Description

If you don't want to wipe off your makeup at night, this club cosme nude BB cream is your best choice. It moisturizes your skin all night.


-Helps reduce the appearance of skin impurities, including pigmentation, redness and acne scars.

-Beauty effect of skin care products

-Add transparency and smoothness of skin

-Pore care, improve skin tone

-Effectively separate irritants And pollutants

- 24-hour skin care

-Can be used overnight

-No need to wash

-Contains hyaluronic acid and collagen

-Smooth the skin, cover the pores without clogging

-Lily scent

How to use

-After finishing skin care, apply an appropriate amount on the face to absorb
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Club Cosme Naked Muscle BB Cream-Lily Fragrance 30g
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