Canmake Mixed Color Concealer #02 3.9g

$140.40 $99.10
All you need to hide various skin problems! Three

silky concealers, allowing you to create tailored tones

Convenient three-tone palette

-with light, natural and Dark tones

Everything you need can cover everything you want to hide!

-With a mixing space, you can mix three colors in it to create the right hue to create

Unique hue that exactly matches your skin tone

Skin-friendly formula

-Does not contain tar pigments, preservatives, UV absorbers and fragrances

-Contains sodium hyaluronate, squalane and di(phytosterol/octyldodecyl) laurel Glutamate

Convenient double-ended applicator

-Brush: A gentle brush that can easily apply the concealer to a wider area

-Applicator Tip: Conical tip, can accurately locate the target area
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Canmake Mixed Color Concealer #02 3.9g
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