Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Liquid Eyeliner #03 Tea Black

$124.80 $88.90
Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Eyeliner has a new and strong waterproof function, which can effectively combat tears, moisture, sweat or sebum on the face. This function is very durable and has precise contours. The 0.1mm ultra-fine pen tip allows you to draw precise and beautiful eyeliner every time.

It is an excellent all-round product, in which the incredibly fine points can help you freely outline the inner eyeliner. Eyesight can be doubled immediately.

Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner dries very fast, so no matter how busy your morning is, it can help you create the perfect makeup look. It has excellent water resistance, tear resistance, sweat resistance, sebum resistance and complete water resistance. The color is long lasting and easy to use. Everyone can easily draw the perfect eyeliner.
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Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Liquid Eyeliner #03 Tea Black
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