Kumano Horse Oil Moisturizing Body Wash 600ml

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Rich in horse oil, its structure is similar to the body's natural protective sebum. It is easily absorbed by the skin to soothe, repair and moisturize the skin, giving it lasting moisture. Camellia oil and hyaluronic acid work together to lock in moisture and provide strong moisturizing, helping to heal dry skin and repair the skin's natural barrier after showering.

Product features:

- Gentle cleansing of the body without irritating the skin.

-After every shower, it can provide you with nourishing and beautiful skin.

-Restores the balance of skin acidity and enhances the vitality of skin cells.

How to use:

-Use in the shower or bathtub, take out the required amount and put it in the palm or sponge.

-Generate foam by massaging in circular motions on wet skin.

- Rinse with water.
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Kumano Horse Oil Moisturizing Body Wash 600ml
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