Loshi Horse Oil Moisturizing Skin Cream 220g

$85.80 $58.50
The fatty acid composition of horse oil is similar to human sebum, which can protect our skin from bacteria, harmful substances and irritation, making it a perfect natural moisturizer in winter.

-Promote the body's self-healing power; cure eczema

-Deeply moisturize and revitalise skin

-Enhances skin elasticity

-Improves skin, such as Acne, freckles, wrinkles

-Balances skin tone

-Seep enters the skin easily


tired muscles

-Hydrates VS makes the skin soft and even reflects light

-Prevent skin irritation

How to use:

Apply to the face, hands, feet or anything twice a day Dry parts

Suitable for all skin types
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Loshi Horse Oil Moisturizing Skin Cream 220g
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