ASHIRIRA Detox Foot Patch-Titaniferous 30pcs

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ASHIRIRA Detox Foot Patch is a soothing foot patch made from natural tree extracts with detoxifying properties. Foot Detox Patch can stimulate the reflex points of the feet, thereby restoring the balance of the entire body and removing waste from the body. The patch is also infused with ingredients derived from natural extracts. These ingredients also have moisturizing properties to keep the feet moisturized and relieve foot fatigue. After use, the patch should change from white to brown with selected toxins. (2 pieces)

Ginger-Improve blood circulation, relieve the pain and discomfort of arthritis.

White Rose-Relief fatigue and beauty effect.

Titaniferous-Reduce stress and anxiety, improve the immune system.

Mugwort-insomnia and menstrual problems.

Grapefruit (Grapefruit)-Promote metabolism, relax the mind and improve digestion.

Red pepper (pepper)-Improve blood circulation and water retention.

Lavender-Improve sleep, suitable for people with insomnia

How to use

Put the foot pads on the soles of your feet before going to bed, and tear them off after getting up the next morning. (About 6-8 hours later) The color of the foot patch will change from white to brown.


If the following symptoms occur while using cosmetics, please stop using them immediately and consult a dermatologist. Continued use may aggravate the symptoms. A. Redness, swelling, itching, irritation or other symptoms or B. The above symptoms occur when exposed to direct sunlight. Do not use on wounds, eczema or dermatitis. Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, or in direct sunlight. Avoid the eye area.
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ASHIRIRA Detox Foot Patch-Titaniferous 30pcs
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