Kumano Yushi Horse Oil and Tsubaki Oil Hair Treatment 600ml

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The popular Japanese hot spring product Kumano Horse Oil Hair Cream contains pineapple oil and highly nourishing natural pure horse oil. Horse oil has long been used by the mountain people in Hokkaido to treat skin wounds, soothe rough/chapped skin and other purposes. Because its composition is very similar to the natural fat composition of the human body, it has a high penetration ability and can be used for a long time. Keep the skin moisturized. Contains other moisturizing ingredients such as seaweed and tsubaki oil.

This product does not contain silicon. Although silicon can make hair feel smooth and shiny on the surface, it actually fills the gaps between the cuticles, rather than really repairing the hair. The accumulation of silicon will make the hair quality worse. Silicone-free hair products bring back the health of the hair and restore the natural smoothness and luster of the hair.

Kumano Horse Oil with Tsubaki Conditioner is rich in moisturizing ingredient Tsubaki Oil, which is an oil selected from camellia. It can repair, nourish and moisturize hair. It stimulates hair growth and shows the smoothness, elasticity and luster of the hair.

Form a protective barrier film to prevent damage to damaged hair. The highly moisturizing tsubaki contains oil, which protects and nourishes the hair naturally. Similarly, pH skin and hair levels are AS.
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Kumano Yushi Horse Oil and Tsubaki Oil Hair Treatment 600ml
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