Pola Form Set (shampoo + conditioner) 550ml + 540g

$546.00 $383.00
Form Shampoo:

The transparent gel that forms rich foam-more like a facial cleanser-tightens the scalp and brings a fresh feeling.

This soft, silicone-free shampoo can deeply cleanse the hair, leaving it fresh and shiny.

The formula softens the hair and tightens the scalp

Contains peony flower extract, grape seed extract and moisturizing Roman chamomile.

As the first step of your daily hair care, it is suitable for all types of hair.

Silicon free

Form Conditioner (Airy):

A hair conditioner finished softly in a natural feel of a material. It is finished softly and naturally toward the preference. Silicon-free hair care milk which totally adapts to scalp and hair in soft feel of a material such as emulsion.
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Pola Form Set (shampoo + conditioner) 550ml + 540g
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