Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Screen Hair Mask 230g x 3pcs

$249.60 $176.30
Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask is the perfect hair care product that can be used on dry hair damaged by weather changes, UV rays and hair dye/perm. It contains Royal Jelly EX moisturizing, PCA (p-Chloramphetamine) strengthening, Lipidure EX repairing, let your hair nourish shiny hair. The three main functions of moisturizing, strengthening and repairing make hair from the core to pure and healthy hair. The seven essence ingredients penetrate into the hair to condition any damaged hair. The seven essences can penetrate moisture, control moisture, strengthen, repair, smooth the surface, shine and lasting color.

How to use it:

After shampooing, dry it with a towel. Take an appropriate amount of product (2 teaspoons for semi-long hair), apply to the damaged area and rinse thoroughly.

Country of origin: Japan
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Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Screen Hair Mask 230g x 3pcs
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