Milbon Deesse's Hair Care-MU4+ (9g x 4pcs) [Ordinary Hair]

$117.00 $80.30
Deesse's collection makes hairstyles more expressive. Step 4 "Home care to maintain the appearance of the salon"

Milbon Deesee's Linkage Meu system hair care part, this is a fast 3-step salon care system, which includes a weekly home care component, can be Improve hair quality without greasy feeling. Linkage Meu aims to provide tailoring, coloring, drying and other chemical services normally provided by salons as an additional service.

Significant improvement: Immediately improves the feel of the hair-provides many benefits: silky, smooth, shiny, strong, healthy, moisturized and flexible hair

Home care treatment: at home every week Use four ampoules for 4 weeks to extend the life of hair treatment

The life cycle of MU4-fine hair

MU4+ -for normal hair

Quality MU4x -for Coarse hair

-For details, please refer to the product description on the package.
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Milbon Deesse's Hair Care-MU4+ (9g x 4pcs) [Ordinary Hair]
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