Eaoron – Water Light Needle Light Speed ​​Whitening Black Mask 25ml x 5pcs (Black Box – Gold)

$79.00 $49.00

Black light speed whitening mask

The 0% chemical composition EAORON Aqua Needle Mask uses Australia's new Aqua Needle skin technology
Combining the water light needle essence and high-purity small molecule hyaluronic acid with a variety of nutrients required by the skin
with Australia The perfect combination of natural skin-friendly intelligent invisible mask paper
15 minutes continuously inject nutrients into the deep layer of the skin, lock water and moisturize, improve dry and dull skin, loose fine lines and other phenomena
Restore skin tenderness, whiteness, smoothness and firmness , The youthful vitality of radiant luster

Product function:

Effectively improve wrinkles on the face, neck, and hands (for sensitive areas such as crow's feet and nasolabial lines, less irritation);
whitens and rejuvenates skin, improves dull complexion;
shrinks pores, increases elasticity, Tighten the skin;
Fully moisturize, make the skin moist, soft, shiny, and more youthful and transparent;
Improve dullness and fluorescer-free whitening mask, moisturizing and moisturizing, whitening and purifying, brightening the complexion.

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Eaoron – Water Light Needle Light Speed ​​Whitening Black Mask 25ml x 5pcs (Black Box – Gold)
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