Eaoron Amino Acid Bubble Mask 7pcs/box

$119.00 $68.00

EaoronAmino acid bubble mask 7 pieces/box, the lowest price for 3 boxes averaged $72/box

Realize [Cleaning+Fade Yellow+Whitening】One film with three effects



Reducing oxygen fresh muscle

Repelling glycation from the source to protect skin collagen from being glycated

Australia's first amino acid oxygen bubble mask, containing carbonated oxygen bubbles, protein smallest unit amino acid and many other clean skin care black technologies

Leading traditional facial masks with only a single function, the latest technology is developed, with multiple functions, the cleansing and beautifying effect can be called Pore Vacuum Cleaner

FamousBLOGGER: After using it, I know what every pore is clean

Apply a facial mask15Minutes are equivalent to giving the skin an oxygen cleanseSPA

Double Purification Sucks "dirt" to nourish the skin, " bubs " to make skin clear and permeable

A skin vacuum cleaner, plump and delicate bubbles, clean the surface, take away the skin oily and dirt, and remove the dull and yellow skin

Facial mask cloth containing fine activated carbon, high absorption, deep absorption, high breathability, cleans the skin from dirt

The combination of plant extracts helps to make the skin clearer

Turn on delicate bubbles of active oxygenSPA,360°no dead angle foaming, enjoy every inch of skin Turbidity removal and purification

Mild and non-irritating

Effectively remove shine and blackheads

Improve dry, dark yellow and sagging skin

Lighten fine lines and improve skin elasticity

BubbleNMBubble black technology, put it on the face3 seconds intelligent induction to produce micron-level dense small bubbles, the more dirty the pores are The more, the deeper the cleansing, the unclogging of the pores, allowing the blocked skin to breathe freshly, restoring oxygen and fresh muscle, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious SPA massage at a reasonable price.

1Soak in minutes to remove dirty pores and whiten

2After soaking for a minute, the dull face turns white

3Soaking for a minute to walk tired, oxygen and fresh muscles shine out

How to use: After cleansing, apply on the face, the mask will foam by itself, wait for 3 minutes before removing the mask, and gently massage the remaining foam on the face , And massage the face with a black gem mask cloth to promote circulation, just wash it off with water.

Product ingredients:Macadamia nut oil, hops, birch sap, betaine, etc.

Shelf life: About two years

AustraliaEAORONAmino acid bubble mask (1Box7Piece)

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Eaoron Amino Acid Bubble Mask 7pcs/box
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