Eaoron water light needle bee venom mask 10ml 8 pcs

$119.00 $79.00

Australia sells tightly at $2xx, and other purchases are the cheapest at $168🤣🤣🤣

✅The 28-day test proved that the repairing power, firming power, anti-wrinkle power, whitening power, etc. are all effective

✅Recommended by Australian dermatologists, regular use can effectively repair the skin, improve skin tolerance, and reshape beautiful skin with light perception

❌No chemical preservatives

❌Natural spices

❌No hormones are added

✔️Sensitive muscles can rest assured

[Main Function]

🉐The anti-oxidant cream mask deeply cleanses the skin, purifies and detoxifies, absorbs excess oil, and protects the skin

🉐Repair+: 4 times the nourishment of propolis, repairing damage from the bottom of the skin, enhancing the skin's self-healing power and defense, making the skin brighter, clearer, and healthier

🉐Firming+: 8 times bee venom anti-aging, keeping youthful appearance, stimulating collagen circulation to regenerate skin, lifting and firming, smoothing fine lines and dry lines, delaying skin aging and rejuvenating

🉐Whitening+: 4 times anti-oxidant, can scavenge free radicals, dilute melanin, enhance skin immunity, defend white defense, protect white skin

🉐Wrinkle-removing+: 4 times the wrinkle-removing power, reducing the texture layer by layer, intensively repairing and forming wrinkles, deeply activating cell power, and making the skin plump and firm


🌹Rose essential oil

⛰️Australian white kaolin

⛰️Australian Kakadu extract

💦Hyaluronic acid

🥜Shea Butter

🥔Australia macadamia oil

🍯🐝New Zealand Natural Honey Essence

🍯🐝New Zealand natural propolis essence

🌱Plant ingredients

✅Instructions for use:

1) Clean the skin and apply the mask to the face and neck, avoiding the area near the eyes

2) Wash after 10 minutes

💡The leftover can be stored in the refrigerator for the next day.

💡Put it on before taking a shower, and use the steam to absorb the essence of the mask. After the shower is finished, it is washed and stirred with water, which is very convenient 👍

💡There may be a slight tingling sensation when you just apply it. This is normal. The Easyliance ingredient in bee venom is tingling the facial muscles and tightening.

💡For those who are allergic to bee products, it is recommended to perform a skin test on the wrist before use to confirm that they are not allergic before continuing to use

-Specifications: a box of 10ml x 8 capsules + special brush for facial mask

-Place of Origin: Australia

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Eaoron water light needle bee venom mask 10ml 8 pcs
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