French FILORGA Cinema Line Infusion Series Youth Mask 500ML Enhanced Edition Ten Complete Supplements

$1,398.00 $980.00

Cinema line perfusion series youth mask 500ML enhanced version of ten complete supplements

Product introduction

This is suitable for dull skin, dry and dehydrated skin. Efficiently moisturizes and locks in water, leaving skin moisturized and shiny, as delicate and soft as a baby. Contains polysaccharides, shea butter + babassu oil. The unique feature of this mask is that it can be applied to the face after using the essence product to add to the essence effect. Use a brush to apply a thick layer and wait for 15-30 minutes. When all the active ingredients are absorbed, clean the face with warm water every week. 1-2 times. For dry skin, it can be used more than once a week in summer. 

This should start from the core component of Filorga-NCTF. She is a kind of compound, rich in 50 kinds of active ingredients, the cinema line is 5 times as much as the daily chemical line NCTF. The single cost of this in Filorga Anti-aging Center is as high as 2,980. It's so easy to use! Ten complete supplements are completely good. Apply a thick layer on the face and wash off after 20-30 minutes. The pores of the entire face are arranged very smoothly, like drinking water! The whole thing is like a microdermabrasion! The redness of the face is significantly reduced! Rejuvenating youth visible to the naked eye! I haven't used the gloss Max instant brightening mask! But it can be guaranteed to last until the next day

Note: The texture and formula of this cinema-line version of the Ten Complete Tonic Mask are different from the home-use version. The cinema-line version is creamy mousse-like, this mask is difficult to buy!


Filoga’s theater line products are really much stronger than the daily chemical line! This is not without reason.

This starts with the core ingredient of Filorga-nctf. It is a complex, rich in 50 active ingredients. The nctf component of the theater line is more than 5 times that of the daily chemical line

23 kinds of amino acids Anti-aging, promote skin tissue reorganization and cell self-repair.

12 kinds of vitamins stimulate epithelial tissues to accelerate the production of keratinocytes and the shedding of the use of cytoplasm, promote the synthesis of collagen and inhibit the formation of melanin, regulate blood circulation, antioxidant, promote metabolism, and maintain the function of skin tissues.

Six coenzymes promote cell and tissue reorganization

6 kinds of minerals stimulate different cell activities, improve different biological metabolism, and directly provide new kinetic energy for skin metabolism.

5 kinds of nucleic acids stimulate the synthesis of lazy and inert proteins in the dermis, thereby reorganizing the whole tissue.

1 kind of antioxidants prevent the oxidation reaction of dermis and epidermal cells and delay skin aging.

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French FILORGA Cinema Line Infusion Series Youth Mask 500ML Enhanced Edition Ten Complete Supplements
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