AHC high concentration B5 amino acid moisturizing mask 27ml*5 pieces

$168.00 $88.00

:Product introduction:
-Enriched with high-concentration hydrating essence
-Keep skin moisturized for a long time
-Contains soothing patented ingredients , Calm the skin
-High adherence natural fiber mask paper

【Super! water! Run! Skin is full of water immediately]

Is the noodles dry enough? Help~~Don't be surprised! AHC will help you with immediate first aid
High-concentration B5 hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask instantly restores moisture to the skin immediately

One mask already contains a number of highly concentrated vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid essence
Full of moisture and nutrition, multi-function, repair skin, lock in moisture
In addition to moisturizing, it also contains soothing patented ingredients, which can moisturize and calm the skin.

High adherence and fiber facial mask paper The dead corners are gently attached to the face
so that the essence is quickly and evenly absorbed into the bottom of the skin, making the skin satiated immediately

【 AHC High Concentration B5 Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask】

Tips :
After putting it in the refrigerator, it can tighten the pores more effectively.
Each mask comes with a "thermometer", you can use it when it snows to green.

Capacity: 5 pieces

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AHC high concentration B5 amino acid moisturizing mask 27ml*5 pieces
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