Papa Recipe Spring Rain Bamboo Charcoal Black Luca Honey Mask 10pcs

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Korea Papa Recipe Spring Rain Bamboo Charcoal Black Luca Honey Mask
Papa Recipe Bombee Black Honey Mask Pack (10pcs/box)

Capacity: 25g

In 2016, the Chunyu family focused their efforts. On the basis of the previous Chunyu mask, they launched this bamboo charcoal black Luca honey mask. This mask not only inherits the supernatural quality of the Chunyu mask, it is moisturizing when used. Moisture lock and repair and other effects, and this one adds the effects of lightening skin spots, acne marks, removing red spots, and cleaning. This mask is made of pure natural materials and can be used by pregnant women with sensitive skin. The probability of allergy to cosmetics in Korea is very low.

Papa Recipe is a skin care brand founded by a doctor father for his little daughter! The theme of the brand is to introduce all-natural ingredients that can be used by children/pregnant women to make the safest cosmetics. South Korea has sold more than 200,000 copies.

Bombee Honey Mask Pack, which contains a lot of propolis and honey, 500 times the super hydrating power, moisturizing and non-sticky! 3D tailoring, the most expensive natural silk is used in the mask material, ultra-thin, extremely soft and strong veneer! Can be used by children and pregnant women, all natural ingredients! 100% zero additives, no preservatives and any chemicals harmful to the human body!

Propolis extract, honey extract 1,000ppm

Honey extract essence:
Honey is fully brewed from honey from flowers collected by bees and repeatedly swallowed and vomited. It has been used as food and beauty products since ancient times. Honey is rich in various vitamins and nutrients, which can effectively remove skin's aging dirt, remove keratin, and shrink pores. It has excellent beauty effects. It can more fully absorb moisture for the skin, and has a good calming effect on sensitive skin.

Propolis extract essence:
In order to protect the hive and maintain the health of the entire colony, bees collect resin from plant spores or tree trunks and mix it with the secretions of the palate glands and wax glands to process them into propolis.
Propolis has the effects of antibacterial, nourishing, and promoting cell regeneration. It can also decompose pigments, wear wrinkles, and slow down aging. It has been loved by Egyptians for a long time as a beauty product for maintaining healthy skin.

Product introduction:
-Contains natural moisturizing ingredients [propolis extract, honey extract] taken from the natural environment.
-Supply rich nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to make the skin smoother and more moisturized and maintain moisture.
-The gold complex studied separately gives moisturizing nutrients and has a preservative effect.
-A healthy mask with no added chemical preservatives. The gold complex extends the limited period.
-Natural pulp has a smooth texture, thinner than synthetic pulp, and low irritation.
-It has excellent adhesion to the skin, and the essence is easily absorbed into the deep layers of the skin.
-Environmentally friendly natural pulp is an environmentally friendly product, which is also good for the skin.

How to use:
1. After cleansing, take out the mask and tear off the transparent film, and stick it tightly on the skin according to the contour of the face.
2. After 20~30 minutes, tear off the mask and discard it. Use your fingers to gently massage the skin so that the remaining essence is fully integrated into the texture.

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Papa Recipe Spring Rain Bamboo Charcoal Black Luca Honey Mask 10pcs
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