Japan MEISHOKU Facial Soap (Beauty Soap) 80g for acne-prone skin

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[Place of Origin]: Japan
[Product Specifications]: 80G

[How to Use]
Wet your hands with water or warm water, foam your hands gently, and wash with foam The entire face. Please wash the areas prone to acne more carefully. Please wash it thoroughly afterwards. It is recommended to use it together with "light-colored beauty lotion".
Reminder: For people with sensitive skin, please do a local skin sensitivity test before using it. After the test, there is no irritation before using it.
1. Spot goods will be delivered to the designated store within 2~7 working days after your order.
2. The pre-order is to Taiwan by air, and it takes 7-14 working days. Please do not mind the waiting friends to order again.
3. If there is no inventory, we will notify you by phone, e-mail or text message and inform you of the waiting time; unable to wait & buyers in urgent need please pay more attention.
4. The product is a private consumable product. If it has been opened for use or the outer box of the package is damaged, no return or exchange will be accepted.
5. The complete product must be enclosed when returning the product, and the packaging box must be complete.
6. Due to differences in computer screen settings and personal perception, the product pictures in this store are for reference only. If the original factory replaces the new packaging, it may be shipped in the new packaging, and then the actual product received will prevail, please forgive me.
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Japan MEISHOKU Facial Soap (Beauty Soap) 80g for acne-prone skin
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