Banila-Co Clean It Zero Makeup Remover (Upgrade Version) 180ml

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Banila Co. Zhirou Makeup Remover is a popular item of the brand. It has an excellent overall beauty effect, which is loved and sought after by millions of girls. Go deep into the pores and easily dissolve all kinds of make-up and waterproof make-up. While deeply cleansing the skin, it also has the effects of exfoliating, brightening, moisturizing and moisturizing the skin. The upgraded version, in addition to the newly added acerola and other plants Cuicui strengthens cleansing power while resisting air pollution. It also has whitening and inhibiting melanin formation. The effective ingredients are greatly upgraded, and the viscosity is more dense than the original sorbet

The speed of melting on the skin is accelerated, leaving only moisture and no oil. It is absolutely refreshing and comfortable in summer. Excessively rubs the skin, gently relieves, and easily removes makeup stains

Moisturizing skin care: Contains extracts from sweet tea leaves, smooth acerola fruit and other extracts, moisturizes and locks moisture, and does not tighten after removal Stretches, does not damage the corners

Applicable to eye and lip quality layer: suitable for even delicate eye and lip skin, it can also improve dull and rough skin, and make the skin Soft

Smooth, refreshing and refreshing: not oily, not greasy, not stuffy, fresh flowers

fragrance Help

Relax your body and mind. How to use Use the spoon attached to the lid of the container, take about 1 grape in the palm of your hand, and gently push it on the facial skin,

is transformed into oil. The principle is to release the inner high cleansing power liquid cleansing oil by gently pushing. During the process, the magical texture of molecular transformation is felt, starting from the center of the face to In addition, with a circular massage technique, even key stains such as eye makeup can be easily removed in one go.

The point is to gently treat your skin when removing makeup. Carry out a massage and wash with water after the massage.
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Banila-Co Clean It Zero Makeup Remover (Upgrade Version) 180ml
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