Syn-Ake SPA Treatment Anti-aging Eye Mask (60 sheets)

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Spa Treatment Aging-care 60pcs, Japan’s innovative anti-aging eye mask, uses HAS (Human Fat Stem Cells) to effectively eliminate the signs of skin aging; eyes look younger and smoother! The main component of stem cells is cell origin. It is a cell with the potential for proliferation and differentiation, which repairs skin tissues, thereby effectively repairing wrinkles caused by damage to skin cells, while collagen helps the skin to restore its normal state and maintain skin elasticity.

Multiple effects:

Rejuvenate and soften: Contains fermented resveratrol formula, which can effectively improve obvious wrinkles and make the eye skin firm and glowing.

Bright eyes: Contains placenta and arbutin, effectively inhibits melanin, solves dark circles, and brightens the eye skin.

Moisturizing: Moisturizing ingredients of different sizes provide sufficient moisture to the skin, solve dry lines, and make the skin soft and supple.


An eye patch that fits the delicate part of the eye, continuously penetrates rich water, and improves the elasticity, elasticity and lifting feeling of the eye.

(aging care)


1. After washing, use tweezers to apply the eye mask.

2. Smooth the mask evenly and wait for 10 minutes.

3. Remove the mask and continue your regular skin care routine.


1. Snake venom (muscle inhibitory enzyme) + collagen (skin stretch maintenance): new skin elasticity

2. Water-soluble collagen + water decomposition Collagen: Strengthen the diffusion power, penetrate the stratum corneum of the skin, and solve the problem of deep dry skin.

3. Three. Resveratrol peptide firming skin

4. Fermentation: inflammation elimination, anti-aging

5. Placenta: whitening skin, inhibiting pigmentation

6.Arbutin :In order to prevent the formation of dark spots

7.Plantago extract: Improve the skin’s transparency and elasticity

Country of origin: Japan
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Syn-Ake SPA Treatment Anti-aging Eye Mask (60 sheets)
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